A New Constitution for Somalia – Workshop on ‘Shari’ah Law in Constitutions of Muslim Countries: Challenges for the Somali Constitution-Building Process’ (Djibouti, 6–10 February 2010)

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Mohammad Hashim Kamali


The Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law (MPIL) of Heidelberg, Germany, and the UN Consortium on the project organized a workshop in the republic of Djibouti. The present writer was an invited speaker and participant at this interesting event, which was attended by a total of 65 participants, 50 from Somalia and the rest from various countries including Germany, Malaysia, Pakistan, Cyprus and Sudan, as well as some members of the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) and UNPOS (United Nations Political Office for Somalia), and NDI (National Democratic Institute). The Somali delegation included the 'ulama’, members of parliament (including its First Deputy Speaker Professor Mohamed Umar Dalha), and the Minister of Constitutional Affairs of the Transitional Government of Somalia, Madobe Nunow Mohamed. The Djibouti Minister of Islamic Religious Affairs and Endowments, and also its Speaker of Parliament, gave the opening and closing speeches on the first and last day of the workshop, respectively. The event was held in Djibouti, due mainly to security reasons, but the Somali delegates expressed interest in hosting any follow-up event on constitution-building in Mogadishu – hopefully under improved security circumstances.

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