International Forum on "The Plight of Muslims in Burma in the 21st Century" (Kuala Lumpur, 19 June 2013)

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Elmira Akhmetova


A one-day international forum entitled The Plight of Muslims in Burma in the 21st Century: An Initiative for Solution & the Way Forward was held on 19 June 2013 at IAIS Malaysia to search for remedies to the ongoing ethnic violence, segregation, displacement, forcible expulsions and religious intolerance afflicting Muslim minorities in Myanmar. It explored the ways to create a sympathetic atmosphere for refugees who are victims of genocide and humiliation. Potential methods of applying pressure on the Burmese authorities to stop maltreatment and violence against Muslims and to safeguard their dignity and rights as citizens were also discussed during the forum, which was attended by more than 400 participants.

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