International Summer School on Islam and Science (Paris, 22-31 August 2014)

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Daud AbdulFattah Batchelor


An excellent program on Islam and Science was co-organised by Professors Nidhal Guessoum and Jean Staune (Director, Universitie Interdisciplinaire de Paris) in Paris for 21 Muslim ‘students’ from universities and institutions in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, France, the United Arab Emirates, the United States
and the United Kingdom, Indonesia and Malaysia. Professorial lectures were delivered by prominent Muslim scientists/engineers/religious scholars – Nidhal Guessoum (American University of Sharjah, UAE), Ehab Abouheif (McGill
University, Canada), Bruno Guiderdoni (Islamic Institute of Advanced Studies in Paris), Odeh Jayyousi (Jordan), Usama Hasan (Quilliam Foundation, UK) and leading Christian scientists – Philip Clayton (Claremont School of Theology,
USA), Denis Alexander (Faraday Institute, Cambridge, UK) and Jean Staune. This was a cutting edge program on the state of thinking on critical issues regarding Religion and Science. To support the training, group visits were made to the impressive institutions of the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle and
the Cite des Sciences et de l’Industrie, as well as to the Central Paris Masjid. The program was not all scientific as participants were also treated socially to warm French hospitality and delicious cuisine for their lunches and dinners.

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