'Islam and Constitutionalism': Interview by the Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNCI), Spain (12 September 2014, IAIS Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur)

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Mohammad Hashim Kamali Tengku Ahmad Hazri


The following interview was conducted by and at the initiative of the Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNCI), Spain, as part of the latter’s project towards the development of common principles of governance and constitutionalism derived from the Islamic tradition that can be applicable across the Muslim world. The interviewees from IAIS Malaysia were Mohammad Hashim Kamali (Founding CEO), Mohamed Azam Mohamed Adil (Deputy CEO) and Tengku Ahmad Hazri (Research Fellow). We would like to acknowledge and thank FUNCI and our interlocutors, Laura Sisnieaga (Research Coordinator) and Encarna Gutiérrez (Secretary General), as well as Alfonso Casani who oversaw the project subsequently.

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