Is Garnishee Proceeding Feasible on Islamic Banking Deposits and Investment Accounts in Malaysia?

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Apnizan Abdullah


It is common in loans or debts recovery action that once a creditor obtains a judgment from the court of law against his debtor, he will eventually proceed to enforce it. Fundamentally, there are several methods of enforcement of the judgment available to the judgment creditor, inter alia writ of execution which includes writ of seizure and sale, writ of possession and writ of delivery, judgment debtor summons, stop orders, appointment of receiver and committal. Another prevailing mode of the enforcement of judgment in the market is garnishee proceeding. Procedurally, a garnishee proceeding is initiated by a judgment creditor by way of applying to the court for an order to be issued on a person who is indebted to the judgment debtor (a garnishee) to satisfy the amount judgment sum or a sum of an order of payment issued by the court against the judgment debtor.

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