Earning a Living and its Position in the Sacred Law: An Exposition of Shaybani’s Doctrine

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Ismail Ya’u Abubakar Tatiana Danisova Suleiman Mohammed Hussein Boayo


Earning a living is considered essential for every human being. The nature of life in this world is based on acquisition and effort; nothing can be obtained miraculously, without effort. God created human beings for a purpose, which is explicated by the ShariÒah. This paper aims to delineate the opinions of Imam Muhammad Shaybani on the earning of wealth, including what should be earned, what the ethics of earning are, and what is the tradition of the prophets concerning the acquisition of a livelihood. The paper highlights the importance of earning, how it maintains one’s dignity and brings success in this world and in the hereafter. Finally, the paper affirms that social development can be achieved through earning by knowing what should be kept by those who earn and what should be given by them to the needy. This research is based on a critical and analytical approach to the aforementioned issues in Shaybani’s work. Its approach differs from Adi, who only translated al-Kasb, with annotations on important issues.

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