Seminar Kebangsaan Mahkamah Syariah: 60 Tahun Pasca Merdeka (National Seminar on the Syariah Courts: 60 Years after Independence) (IAIS Malaysia, 29 August 2017)

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Tengku Ahmad Hazri


IAIS Malaysia organised the inaugural National Seminar on the Syariah Courts: 60 Years after Independence (SEMAHSYAR, Malay: Seminar Kebangsaan Mahkamah Syariah: 60 Tahun Pasca-Kemerdekaan) to review the accomplishments and shortcomings of the countrys Syariah judicial system. The seminar took place at a time when great debate about the Syariah courts is taking place in the country, as part of a wider debate about Islamic law in Malaysia, notably the unresolved issue of overlapping jurisdictions between Syariah and civil courts, as well as human rights criticisms in the application of Islamic law, all issues compounded by recent attempts to expand the sentencing jurisdiction of these courts.

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