A Vision for 21st Century Education

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Muhammad Adha Shaleh


Globalisation, population dynamics, fast growing demographics and technological advancements are some of the key changes of the future. Today’s students will have to be prepared to face sizeable challenges yet also know that many opportunities are brought about by those same forces. The person who is schooled in today’s education system – from elementary to universities – has to learn the necessary skills and knowledge to take on challenges in the future. More specifically, this writer envisions that the 21st century student must have three core competencies, including: 1) civic literacy, global awareness and cross cultural skills; 2) charismatic and compassionate personality and the ability to embrace cultural diversities; and 3) ecological literacy, and the ability to collaborate with international communities in sustainable projects. Adding to these three categorical competencies, today’s student also has to learn a specific set of technological skills to succeed in the 21st century workforce, predicted to be robustly rooted in artificial intelligence – hyper-connected systems with minimal human intervention.

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