Scientific Cosmology and Religious or Theological Cosmology from an Islamic Perspective

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Md Sabbir Hossain


The interconnectedness of science and religion two radically different areas in essence but with striking connexions in terms of scope has entailed reconsideration and reconstruction of some notions, particularly pertaining to areas of religion. This paper presents existing conceptions of one of religions fundamental constituent elements, theology. In discussing theology, with a brief account of its Islamic counterpart, the current paper indulges in an analysis of some of its vital elements. Upon exploring theology, focus is placed upon the discipline of cosmology and its two-fold practices, namely the scientific and theological. Most significantly, a newly articulated, well-categorised framework is provided for theological cosmology, which paves the way for further profound dialogue on the scope and intersection of theology and science in the context of cosmology. In addition, the article attempts to distinguish theological as well as scientific cosmological perceptions and articulate a well-organised analysis containing key discrepancies. Such resounding divergence can produce some fundamental principles for studying the cosmos both from a scientific as well as theological perspective.

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