Mohammad Hashim Kamaliís speech at the IAIS Interfaith Refugee Day in conjunction with World Interfaith Harmony Week

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Muthanna Saari


Let me warmly welcome every one of you for making the effort to be with us here in this collective effort, to make this occasion a success. Your presence here  is very meaningful. I am very heartened to see representatives and speakers of nearly all faith communities in Malaysia, in the multi-religious community of Malaysia. It is not very often that we all come together; this occasion itself is  a moment to celebrate. We are here to celebrate the World Interfaith Harmony Week in connection with Interfaith Refugee Day. There are certain events that combine both happiness and sorrow and I think this is one of them; happiness because we are together for a noble cause, and we are together to commemorate also the noble efforts of people or who have introduced such events as the World Interfaith Harmony Week. But it is also a moment for sorrow; look at those faces, those are not odd individuals, and we read that there are more than 65 million displaced, dispossessed people and refugees.

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